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Apartment Guide Scholarship open until April 12th

The Apartment Guide Student Scholarship is still accepting applications!

Submit a 500-600 word essay answering the question “What is your responsibility towards ending homelessness?”

We’re asking you to spend some time thinking and writing about your responsibility towards ending or improving homelessness. This could be homelessness in your immediate community or the problem of homelessness in general. Think about what causes the problem of homelessness. Do you even think it is a problem we should solve? Does every individual need to have a house or is it ok that some may prefer to live differently? What is the difference between being a vagabond and being homeless? What can you do to help those in our society who would like to have a home but don’t have one?

Now write about it in 600 words or less for a chance to win $2,500. All essays are due by April 12th!

For more information on the scholarship, and to apply, please visit their site here.

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