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Diagnosing the Drug War and the Prescription for Force, April 4th @ 6pm

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In 1983 the then Peruvian President Fernando Belaúnde Terry coined the term “narcoterrorism” in response to the violence perpetrated by the Shining Path, but it was soon adopted into the lexicon of the international community and applied far more widely. By diagnosing the business of drugs as a terrorist affliction, the United States and others have transformed a prohibited trade into a transnational security threat. This is most fully realized in pre-scribing a militarized solution, a “war of drugs,” because this modality metastasizes into an even bigger danger.
For our final talk in the series Dialogues on Drug Policy Program, join security expert Omar Tejada-Pérez, Diego García-Devis, Sr. Program Officer for the Global Drug Policy Program in Latin America at Open Society Foundations,  and Peter J. Hoffman, Assistant Professor of International Affairs at the Studley Graduate Programs in International Affairs at The New School as they examine the security issues that have unfolded in drug producing and transit countries in Latin America.

Event Details:
Date & Time: Thursday, April 4th from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Location: Univesity Center UL 104, The New School, 63 Fifth Ave. New York, NY
Catered reception to follow  

Dialogues on Drug Policy is sponsored by The Global Drug Policy Program, Open Society Foundations and the Julien J. Studley Graduate Programs in International Affairs and co-sponsored by The New School’s Observatory on Latin America (OLA). 

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