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Production Assistant Needed for NYC Documentary

The Battle for The Soul of New York is a documentary about the great local NYC businesses that make New York what it is. Famous classic places and plucky upstarts, mom n pop shops and businesses of all shapes and sizes tell their stories. Are these kinds of businesses a dying breed? What is the state of small business in New York City ? How they are disadvantaged against large corporations? What can be done about the problem? What will happen if nothing’s done about it? We interview experts in relevant fields – real estate, politicians, finance to try to get to the bottom of the trend of closing businesses.
First time filmmaker with intimate knowledge of the subject needs someone to help with logistical stuff and holding lights etc but also seeks input on story line, creative shooting ideas, etc.
There will be approximately 10 shooting days over the next couple of months. Most of these interviews happen during normal business hours so that availability is important.
This is a micro budget project that arose out of a passion for the subject matter that has a strong possibility of changing this city for the better and helping local businesses survive.
Production can reimburse for meals and transportation but there is no compensation in budget for this position.
Please send description of pertinent experience and approximate availability and a short note about why you got into filmmaking to

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