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Internship Opportunity: Graphic Designer

Job Description:

We are building a digital space for real erotic stories and looking for a graphic designer with a clean, sophisticated style. 5-10 hours/week

Looking for a graphic designer with style who wants to work closely with the creative director and founder. This internship will allow a lot of freedom to the designer, collaboration on branding and design materials, and a chance to leave their mark on a rising brand. The project is currently a part of Kickstarter’s ‘Creator-in-Residence’ program, so the intern will be invited to work from Kickstarter’s Greenpoint offices if they are interested.


-E-newsletter templates and design
-Design for social posts
-Some web design
-Business card/promo design materials
-Logo design for t-shirts, tote bags and other Kickstarter rewards

Required proficiency in:


Project site:
Personal work:

More information:
We are a women-powered, digital safe space for real sex stories, called AURORE. The stories are feminist, queer, kinky, honest, and relatable. AURORE gives a platform and a voice to people who want to try their hand at sex-positive retellings of their encounters, as an inspiration, education, and antidote to all the bad, scary sex stuff we read about on a daily basis. We believe sex can and should be good!
Our founder, Carly Pifer, is currently a Kickstarter Creator-in-Residence, and the intern will be welcomed to co-work in their awesome Greenpoint office!

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