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Spaces of Repression and Resistance: Youth and Crisis

Join Global South Center at Pratt Institute on April 24 and May 1 for our third annual May Day international solidarity event – Spaces of Repression and Resistance organized by Professor Kumru Toktamis and Luka Lucic. This year we focus on the topic of youth as agents of resistance, regeneration, and alternatives amidst social crises in Bosnia and Turkey.

On Wednesday, April 24th at 3 PM in the Alumni Reading Room, Pratt Institute Library, we will screen ReGeneration a film directed by Emir Kapetanovic and produced by Zana Marjanovic.

Almost 25 years after war and genocide shattered Bosnia and Herzegovina, can the country’s youth show the way to reconciliation, peace, and prosperity? “ReGeneration” follows ten of Bosnia-Herzegovina’s youth “Ambassadors of Reconciliation” (Serb, Croat, and Bosniak) as they come to terms with their country’s violent past and envision its peaceful future. Traveling across the country to hear the stories of their elders and peers – war veterans, survivors, politicians, religious leaders, and community activists – they try to forge hope out of tragedy. The odds against them are staggering; rampant political corruption, ethnonationalism, trauma, and youth unemployment make optimism extremely hard to come by, but the ambassadors are determined never to give up on each other or the country they love.

On Wednesday, May 1st at 5 PM in the auditorium of the Engineering Building, Room 307, we will screen The Seven Doors a film by Mehmet Mim Kurt.

In the political context of Turkey, the education system has deteriorated by the year, morphed into the object of vain experiments to the detriment of the youth. The Seven Doors documents seven students and a cat, who alongside their teacher, attempt to develop an alternative education model where reading, thinking, discussion and attempts of understanding are upheld in place of conflictual ideologies.

The Seven Doors offers a unique insight into present-day Turkey through the readings and discussions of these seven students yearning for an urgent alternative in the education system, as increasing political tensions and governmental pressure on academia became heavier.

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