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IN SEARCH OF: Crew for Student Feature Film

Marcello Do is in search for a crew for a student feature film, read the blurb below for more info!

” Hi my name is Marcello, I’m an Italian-Chilean producer/writer. I’m producing a low budget student Feature Film, shooting digitally in N.Y. At the end of May 2019! I’m in need of a great, passionate, knowledgeable crew, pre, in, post production. From DP, to PAs, Editor, Gaffer, Boom operator, Line producer, editor and so on! Ha, yes, even actors {lol}! Our production needs a GREAT CREW with fantastic TALENT, technically, emotionally, and responsible prepared. With or little experience. Ready to
produce a “GEM” with a special interest, in “changing this world” in a better place, {I hope I’m not the
only one}.
Adina’s mutilation, is a drama about Ife, a ten-year older sister, who, after realizing that she will be
sexually mutilated, before her eight year old little sister, Adina. Decide to take action and reach for
her help. This become increasingly difficult because goes against her community, relative belief and
her mother.
The project, the movie, Is a magnificent drama, Feature film about FGM, absolutely no nudity no vulgarity or profanity, or any type of racism! It’s a project for awareness. We encourage specially women to step forward to be part of this fantastic project. Besides, all genders are need it and welcome.

p.s. Is a low budget production, meals and transportation will be paid! Plus, we are working to get some
financial help to pay extra, to all!
For extra info please email us at or call at 646 7321252
Sincerely Marcello ! “

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