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Doc Talk: “Depth Two,” April 22 @ 1PM



Monday, Apr 22 at 1 PM

Kellen Auditorium, Ground Floor, 66 Fifth Avenue

It’s hard to describe the experience of watching this film — at one level it’s a forensic telling of a dreadful story that gradually reveals its secrets, while simultaneously creating a space for reflecting on universal themes of violence and complicity.

– Penny Woolcock, Screen Daily

An illusion-destroying documentary thriller… about a subject that’s been shrouded in silence for seventeen years: mass graves in the Belgrade suburbs and the accompanying investigation into atrocities committed in Kosovo in 1999.

– Anja Petrovic, DokuFest Review, The Balkanist

Unlike many documentaries of this ilk, Depth Two doesn’t just discuss the ghosts of the past— it looks them starkly, squarely in the eye.

– Ben Nicholson, Open City Docs Review, Cinevue

In 2001 a mass grave was discovered in a suburb of Belgrade. Soon there were more to come. DEPTH TWO investigates the hidden story behind this horrid discovery and takes us back to 1999 and the NATO bombings in Serbia. Using the verbal testimonies of perpetrators and victims, DEPTH TWO unfolds like a hypnotic thriller that visits the places where the crimes happened 17 years ago and follows the trail of this untold massacre, in an attempt to uncover and give a voice to the stories, that are still intentionally buried in silence.

Glavonjic’s meditative debut documentary appeals to the viewer’s imagination by returning to the scene of these crimes with new intention.  Depth Two premiered at Berlin, São Paulo, Sarajevo, Thessaloniki, Vancouver; Beldocs, where it won Best Editing; Message 2 Man, where it won the Grand Prix, KineNova, where it won Best Director & Best Screenplay; and Festival dei Popoli, where it won Best Feature Film.

Tatjana Krstevski is a New York based cinematographer and professor at NYU, Tisch School of the Arts. As a director of photography she worked on a number of critically-acclaimed films – both short and feature length – including “The Load”, which premiered at 71. Festival de Cannes and has won 18 prizes internationally so far. Tatjana also shot the documentary feature “Depth-Two” which premiered at Berlin Film Festival in 2016, and picked up 17 awards internationally, including 8 main prizes.  Her artistic journey began with drawing and painting, transitioning from Fine Arts and Applied Arts to Photography and Motion Pictures. She explored various art forms, including theater acting, music and graphic design. In 2014, she co-founded the “Pancevo Film Festival” and acted as its Artistic Director.

Please join us for this screening and Q&A, hosted and moderated by Amir Husak, Director of Documentary Studies and Assistant Professor in the School of Media Studies.

Presented by the Graduate Certificate in Documentary Media Studies


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