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Calling All Experienced Animators or Editors!

Calling all experienced animators and editors who have either advanced or basic experience with motion tracking and animating in after effects, or any other software alike! 

New School student, Eric Osovsky, is currently ISO a post-production team to assist with his short film! Read his ad below:

“My name is Eric Osovsky, and I am currently student at Eugene Lang studying Screen Studies. I’ve recently finished production on my latest short film, and am in search of animators during this stage of post-production. My short film contains a few visual effects shots that would require a kind of distortion/bulging effect. I am trying to achieve the effect of a bedroom door, appearing as though it were breathing in and out, a subtle inhaling and exhaling (like the belly of a frog) that will build and build for greater effect. I also have a few shots of the walls of a room that I would love to distort as well, almost looking as though they are starting to breathe. I’m looking for anyone with enough experience to complete this effect, and anyone looking to collaborate with a fellow student… and of course, YOU WILL. BE CREDITED!

This storyline is very important to me, and the selling/realness of this effect will further heighten the film’s meaning and importance.

If you are interested, please email me at, or, feel free to text me at 661-964-7057. I am more than willing to discuss any questions at any time. The footage is ready for viewing, should you be interested.

If interested, please get back to me ASAP!”



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