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Call for Undergraduate Work: On the Future, Deadline May 27

On the Future CFP

Process: Journal of Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Scholarship is currently accepting submissions for its next issue, On the Future. The future always beckons, whether as a source of hope in times of abundance or of urgency and dread in times of political, economic, and/or ecological crisis. Who is included and excluded in these visions of the future? Is the future imagined as continuous with the present, or in completely different terms?

We invite submissions that reflect upon or even demonstrate how the future resonates in culture, broadly conceived. This may include reflections on literature, the social sciences, the natural sciences, the arts, cultural theory, geography and urban studies, media studies, and history.

We will consider creative as well as critical pieces, and we welcome authors to consider the following as a starting point:

-future political imaginaries

-future-oriented formal devices (addressing future readers)

-“the future” in history

-alternative temporalities

-political uses of the future in the present (reproductive futurism; apocalyptic politics)

-ecocriticism, climate change, and the Anthropocene

-apocalypse in art and literature

-utopia and dystopia

-difference, identity, and the future (critical race studies, feminism, queer studies, disability studies)

DEADLINE: Monday, May 27, 2019

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