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Latinx Artist Collective: First Screening of Short Film, May 16th 7:00pm

Join the upcoming screening of Latinx Artist Collective first short film, SABOR DE SAUDADE The film will be screened on Thursday May 16th, 7:00pm at Tisch School of the Arts, 3rd Floor Studio Theatre.  

Latinx Artist Collective is a new media organization founded in 2017 by MJ Carpena Melero, and headed by eight Latinx and Latin American women! Our goal is to empower latinx/latin Americans  voices through our own stories, through our own voice. We do not seek to be the voice for the voiceless, but open the doors to allow those voices to speak for themselves in an industry that needs to listen more. The event will consist of an intro to our executives and organization, the debut of our first project, and Q&A of where LAC will go next.

To reserve tickets, please click here.

SABOR DE SAUDADE,  is a short film about 7 Latinx young women living in New York City going to therapy. The struggle they all have in common is that they cannot find authenticity so they feel like they’re beginning  to lose latinidad until they realize it lies within themselves. SABOR DE SAUDADE shows us that in order to be “latino” doesn’t mean to follow stereotypes or enhance your own culture, it’s about looking at yourself and discovering that no matter wherever you are, you represent home because you are enough. Nobody can tell you otherwise, be proud of who you are, of what you like and keep being you.

Food will be served, great conversations will be happening, jokes and puns will definitely be made, you’ll definitely have a great time!

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