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3 Amazing Discounts to Take Advantage of as a New School Student

This post is part of the SMS Advising Series for New Students. All posts are designed and curated to make the lives of newly admitted students much easier. From academic resources to having a social life in NYC, we want to make sure that our students get the best of ALL worlds!

We know that balancing the cost of school and other aspects of your life can be quite tough, especially in an expensive city like NYC.  The New School has partnered with a range of publications, restaurants, stores and cultural institutions to help you cut your expenses. Here are some of the exciting discounts offered that are bound to save you lots of money:

Teen removing money from wallet

1. Publications: Want to be up to date with the latest news but don’t want to pay full-price for a newspaper subscription? No worries! The New York Times offers  home delivery discounts of over 50%. Additionally, students can also become basic digital subscribers for as little as $1.00 per week or all-access digital subscribers for as little as $1.50 a week.

New School students, faculty, and staff are also eligible to avail  now get 40% off Cultured Magazine and enjoy a one-year subscription for only $36 by using the promo code CULTURED101 at checkout.


2. Movies and Theatre: Love going to the movies and watching plays but don’t want to splurge too much? Full-time degree-seeking New School students are eligible to purchase discounted AMC or Regal ticket vouchers online through the Student Leadership and Involvement Web store.

Full-time New School students are eligible for a one-year membership for $10.00 (ongoing); by entering TDFstudent under Promotion Codes. Faculty and staff are eligible for a one-year membership for $29.00 until June 2019 by using use the code NEWSCHOOL.


3. Supplies and Printing: The New School understands the crazy unforeseen costs that sometimes haunt students in the form of art supply or printing expenses.

New School students get a 10% discount at Blick with their valid New School student ID and a Blick Card. All students can easily sign up for a Blick Card in stores with your name, student ID, and email address.

Moleskin offers a 10% discount at all stores for students with a valid New School ID card.
Village Copier offer a 20% discount off any order over $10 for students with a valid New School ID card.

A full list of discounts offered to New School students can be found here. So, go ahead and get started on saving all that money!



Written and curated by: Eliya Raza Shamsi

Eliya Raza Shamsi a New York/Karachi based Digital Content Enthusiast, Ailurophile and Potterhead pursuing her Masters in Media Management at The New School. She has worked as a Copywriter, Production Manager and Digital Media Strategist in Karachi, Pakistan. In addition to currently serving as the Graduate Student Advisor at the School of Media Studies, she also works as a Producer for various short film and music video projects here in New York.

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