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Apply for Data Strategy/Data Science Internship Positions @ Viacom

Locations: US-NY-New York


Company: New Creative Mix Inc.


*Please note: these departments primarily hire Master’s Students. If you’re an undergrad student interested in research, please check out our Research application.

As a Data Science intern, you will support teams responsible for all data science and analytic products that serve Viacom with the goal of placing the networks on the leading edge of advanced analytics in the entertainment industry. Through access to linear and digital data, these teams identify, develop and implement appropriate statistical and data mining analysis to address business challenges across the organization, as well as provide actionable insights with a clear impact on return on investment (ROI).

As a Data Strategy you will support various internal clients in making data-driven strategic decisions. This involves evaluating the effectiveness of previous branded campaigns and learning from the actions Viacom and our competitors have done in the past to craft better campaigns. These teams also help facilitate the acquisition of new data sources with various vendors and streamline data workflow across departments to elevate the utility of data. They use data at a campaign-level, audience-level and post-level to determine data-driven insights for future engagements.

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