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PhD Positions Available at Media City Bergen

PhD position

At the Department of Information and Media Science’s branch in the media cluster Media City Bergen, there are two vacant PhD positions available within the fields of media technology and innovation. Both positions are for 4 years and 25 percent of the total appointment time is dedicated to duty work at the Department.

The positions are part of the Department’s branch in Media City Bergen (MCB). MCB is an internationally leading, innovative knowledge cluster within the fields of media technology and media production. Here, the Department is co-located with companies such as TV2, NRK, BT, Vizrt, Vimond, IBM, and ITV Studios. Those who are appointed will develop their own research projects leading to a doctorate. As part of their work, the candidates are also expected to contribute to teaching in the field of media technology and innovation and to cultivate a dialogue between the research environment and the industry in Media City Bergen.

The fields of media technology and innovation are important in research and social contexts. In the media cluster, Media City Bergen puts emphasis on furthering innovation both in education, research and industry. All organizations and companies experience pressure to be innovative and inventive, while at the same time being able to understand and master both volatile and permanent technological change. All disciplines, occupations and sectors in society are experiencing this.

About the project/work tasks:

The University of Bergen contributes to innovation in Media City Bergen through research-based knowledge and teaching, often in collaboration with companies in the media cluster.

The two PhD scholarships will strengthen research and contribute to increasing academic activity in the fields of media technology and innovation within journalism and related media content, and within the study of media users and media design. Candidates will in particular be attached to the academic community in Media City Bergen within the areas of media innovation, technology, and production, but also to the disciplines of information science and media studies at the Department of Information and Media Studies.


The two PhD scholarships within media technology and innovation have the following academic thematic focus:

Theme 1: Technology and journalism

As a PhD candidate, you will strengthen research in the area of ​​technology in relation to journalism. This may for example involve the development of new information technology tools for investigative journalism and storytelling, or an exploration of how information technology affects journalistic practice and content. This may be technological solutions for the presentation of journalistic content in new ways, for example immersive journalism for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), or intelligent user interfaces for media using artificial intelligence or the like. The candidate will be associated with the Department’s academic environment for journalism, media production and media technology in Media City Bergen, including the University’s Center for Investigative Journalism (SUJO) also in Media City Bergen. Collaboration with industry partners in the media cluster is desirable.

Theme 2: Media use, design and technology

As a PhD candidate, you will strengthen research in the areas of media use, design and technology. This may involve methodically satisfactory evaluations using advanced biometric technology such as eye tracking, physiological response measurements, as well as video, field notes and interviewing, as well as statistics, surveys, and A-B testing. Relevant demographic groups to study are children and parents, schoolchildren, young adults, retirees and the elderly. The candidate will be associated with the Department’s academic environment within interaction research and human-machine interaction (HCI), and collaboration with industry partners in the media cluster is desirable.

Qualifications and personal qualities:

  • Masters degree in Media and Interaction Design, Information Science, Informatics, Cognitive Science or similar competence
  • Applicants who have submitted their master thesis at the time of application can apply. It is a precondition that the applicant has obtained the master’s degree before the actual hiring can take place.
  • The minimum requirements are generally grade B or better on Master thesis and for the Master degree in total
  • Experience with relevant technology from education, teaching and / or research is an advantage.
  • Work independently and structured and have good collaborative skills
  • Great working capacity and enthusiasm for research
  • Utilize written and oral English

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an interview.

Submit your applications here.

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