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Three Ways to Connect with Fellow TNS Students

This post is part of the SMS Advising Series for New Students. All posts are designed and curated to make the lives of newly admitted students much easier. From academic resources to having a social life in NYC, we want to make sure that our students get the best of ALL worlds!

Having a group of people that you can collaborate with is very important for your academic life. Connecting with fellow students who might not only become potential study partners but also friends should definitely be a priority when you start your experience here at The New School. Lucky for you, we know all the best ways to connect with your future peers:

  1. Facebook is Your Friend:

There are a number of Facebook groups related to various programs at The New School that exist to create a sense of community. Students can share their questions about their programs, courses and even settling into NYC. You can also look for specific groups related to just housing or networking based on how you want to connect.  

  1. Find Your Community:

All students are encouraged to become part of student organizations as they  allow students not only to build leadership skills but also to establish lasting friendships. There are a number of groups at The New School based around pre-professional and academic interest; political action and advocacy; international interest; art, music, and performance; social and special interest; and faith-based, religious, and spiritual interest.  

A host of academic conferences, workshops and debates are organized routinely by students to allow students to collaborate on projects, and challenge one another. To find a list of student activities click here.

If you are interested, The Health Services team also offers groups and programs Monday through Friday. Some groups require that students pay the Student Health Services (SHS) fee, but all of the WHP programs are free and open to all New School students. Groups and programs that are open to all students are noted. You may find detailed information related to all the groups and programs here.

Last but not least, our very own Media Student Council also hosts meetings and events throughout the academic year, including mixers, career panels, LinkedIn Workshops, and more! We’ll be present at New Student Orientation and our first mixer of the year recruiting for new members!

  1. Mingle at Orientation:

New Student Orientation is not an event intended just to fill you in with information related to your program and academics. It is the perfect chance to network with faculty and students alike. Make sure you attend SMS Orientation on Thursday, August 22 (more details coming soon) and University-wide Orientation events August 18-25 to interact with your future classmates!

Written and curated by: Eliya Raza Shamsi

Eliya Raza Shamsi is a New York/Karachi based Digital Content Enthusiast, Ailurophile and Potterhead pursuing her Masters in Media Management at The New School. She has worked as a Copywriter, Production Manager and Digital Media Strategist in Karachi, Pakistan. In addition to currently serving as the Graduate Student Advisor at the School of Media Studies, she also works as a Producer for various short film and music video projects here in New York.

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