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Looking for Artist/Animator for Documentary Project

Looking for an artist and/or animator to join our documentary’s post-production team this summer.
Last year, our small team of female filmmakers set out to interview anonymous women regarding their experiences with relationship abuse, in hopes to shine a light on the subject. We were able to collect a series of six stories, but would like these stories to play out on screen as voiceover, with accompanying imagery as B-Roll (to further respect privacy and retain anonymity.)
We’re in need of an artist to collaborate with, who can come up with abstract, thought-provoking imagery that audiences can further engage with while listening to these difficult stories. We can provide a rough cut of the stories for inspiration, but we’d ultimately leave it up to the artist’s imagination to come up with the designs (~3-4 images or a 2-3 minute smaller animated piece per story) based on these stories. We will provide additional help or direction, if needed.
Compensation: Limited budget / to be negotiated. Credit.
If interested or you have questions, please contact: Casey at (Director) or Beth at (Producer).

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