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Vibe Magazine premieres Music Video by The New School students for Artist DanteWuzHere

Vibe Magazine premiered the Music Video for Artist DanteWuzHere which was filmed by students from the School of Media Studies at The New School. The visual is a take on the turbulent sociopolitical landscape of the country. The official music video makes use of appealing aesthetics to narrate the message of racist leaders, mass shootings and oppression at a time when it is imperative to make these points.

The team of students from School of Media Studies at The New School consisted of:
Director/Cinematographer: Rohat Türk 
Producer: Eliya Raza Shamsi
Assistant Director: Alanna Amorim
Assistant Producer: Alicia Bertoméu
Lighting Team: Janiuci Güntzel and Yigit Eygi
Assistant Cinematographer: Ponvishal Chidambaranathan
Gaffer: Juan Jose Alomia
Read the full article by Vibe Magazine here

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