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FREE TICKETS For Students of The New School for IFC Center Craft Ed. Seminars

  • Our friends at the IFC Center have announced Craft Ed. Seminars, a new, year-round educational program that will explore the craft and business of storytelling through masterclasses, case studies, and industry panels, alongside networking opportunities. Make the most of your summer holidays by learning some new skills at the first 3 events focussed on documentary filmmaking.
  • You are entitled to FREE TICKETS as part of the IFC Center‘s Craft Ed. Seminars series, an educational program that teaches you about the craft and business of storytelling.
  • There is a session on Documentary Production taking place on Mon. Aug 26 . As part of the session you’ll hear from experts on what gear you should be using, how you should be managing your production, and how to shoot your movie ethically and legally. Among the day’s participants are Rudy Valdez (The Sentence), Beth Levison (Producer, Made in Boise), Deia Schlosberg (The Story of Plastic).
  • They also have a session on Documentary Post-Production taking place on Wed. Sept 4. Here you’ll dive into the intricacies of using B-roll and archival footage, adding animation and VFX, and what you should expect out of a post house and how to score your film, with insights from Jamillah Varias (Vox Media), Prudence Arndt (I Am Not Your Negro) and others.
  • Once again, tickets to these events are FREE if you are a student of The New School. If you would like to attend either of these sessions just email for a free pass.

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