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As part of our continuing efforts to enhance safety across The New School’s campus, we encourage everyone to download The New School Safety App, a smartphone app for use by students, faculty, and staff that offers users the ability to make immediate contact with either the police or Campus Safety with the touch of a button – no dialing required – to report a crime or other incident, or request immediate assistance in the event of an emergency. The app should only be used while on The New School’s New York City campus.

Campus Safety may be contacted for incidences including:

  • Suspicious individuals
  • Water leaks/flooding
  • Gas leaks
  • Power outages
  • Medical emergencies 
  • Stuck occupied elevators
  • 911 may be called in the event of immediate and dire emergencies, including: 
  • Criminal activity
  • Fire
  • Intruders
  • Medical emergencies
  • Bomb threats
  • Suspicious packages

To download the app: for iPhones, visit the Apple Store; for Android, visit Google Play.

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