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Announcing the Fall 2019 Season of ‘If You Can Screen It There: Premiering Contemporary Latin American Cinema’ at Anthology Film Archives

If You Can Screen It There:
Premiering Contemporary Latin American Cinema

Fall 2019 Season
Anthology Film Archives

New York City, despite its status as a world capital of cinema, regularly misses out on screenings of many key international films. Though the exhibition of Latin American cinema in the city has drastically increased over the past decade, a considerable number of influential movies from the region still fail to premiere locally.

Anthology Film Archives and Cinema Tropical have partnered to create this exciting series of monthly screenings featuring remarkable Latin American films making their local premiere. Far from minor works, the films included here are by some of the region’s most important filmmakers, have garnered major awards at international festivals, and provide an important window into the often overlooked world of Latin American cinema.

Co-presented by Anthology Film Archives and Cinema Tropical.
Programmed by Matías Piñeiro and Carlos A. Gutiérrez. 

Special thanks to Fábio Andrade, Cecilia Barrionuevo, Cavi Borges,
Emilie Lesclaux, and Mary Jane Marcasiano.


(Te quiero tanto que no sé, Lautaro García Candela, Argentina, 2017, 80 min. In Spanish with English subtitles)
U.S. Premiere!
Francisco can’t stop thinking about Paula, an old friend he recently ran into for the first time in years. When he sees on Facebook that she’s in a bar nearby, he goes out in search of her. But along the way, his brother asks him for help with his girlfriend, he runs into an old friend, plays a football match almost against his will, receives an old film reel that contains a hidden movie, and has to rescue a friend from a bad date. When he finally arrives, Paula is already gone. ”A critic friend of mine says that movies no longer dialogue with history, but are the filmmaker’s subconscious, filmed for the world to see. He means it pejoratively, but it seems to me that it is a good way to define my film. The political and the historical are in the air: it is impossible not to be contemporary.” –Lautaro García Candela

Monday, October 14, 7:15pm

(Kleber Mendonça Filho, Brazil, 2008, 80 min. In Portuguese with English subtitles)

The documentary debut feature by acclaimed Brazilian filmmaker Kleber Mendonça Filho (Neighboring SoundsBacurau), explores the troubled relationship between filmmakers and critics through a personal series of interviews recorded over a period of eight years between 1998 and 2007. Featuring 70 filmmakers and critics, including major international figures such as David Lynch, Fernando Meirelles, Eduardo Coutinho, and Aki Kaurismaki, Crítico opens a much-needed window to an art which is increasingly judged by industry standards and which struggles to remain human in the way it is realized and observed.

Wednesday, November 13, 7:15pm

(Guerra do Paraguai, Luiz Rosemberg Filho, Brazil, 2016, 80 min. In Portuguese with English subtitles)
U.S. Premiere!

The last feature film by the late Brazilian cinema Luiz Rosemberg Filho, a key figure of the Cinema Marginal movement whose work has been little seen in the U.S., is a lyrical allegory about a bloody war, in which past and present, and barbarism and art collide. The film follows a soldier coming home after the Paraguay War—the infamous conflict fought between 1864-1870 between the South American nation against the triple alliance of Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay, that marked one of the bloodiest episodes in South American history—who runs into a contemporary theater troupe. Shot in black and white, Rosemberg Filho’s is an astonishing tour de force on the persistence of life past destructive masculinity.

Thursday, December 12, 7:15pm

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