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Volunteer/Intern Opportunity: #WED2019 United Nations Summit

Fill this WEDO Volunteer FORM to apply to support our worldwide initiatives to empower women in business: Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO) Summit on November 15th (8:00 – 3:00PM) at the United Nations  with the world’s most prominent business people (Grammy Award Winning Musical Artist Missy Elliott) ! Our global agenda this year will focus on the impact of Disruptive Technologies, the escalating Climate Change happening globally  and the important pivotal role women play!  Our mission is to Empower, Celebrate & Support Women in business worldwide to alleviate poverty!   Any questions please email

#WED2019 November 15th Summit United Nations – Highlights This Year!

  • The #WED2019 Summit we will announce funding 1000 impoverished women with microloans to start their own entrepreneurial endeavor – Providing a HAND UP not a hand out! this is in partnership with Opportunity International.
  • We also sponsor 50 disadvantaged student girls to attend #WED2019 at the United Nations!  We support  Restart Academy who provides educational services for 13–21 year old students in transitional settings, including juvenile justice, substance use treatment, mental/behavioral health treatment, hospitals, social services agencies, and other temporary or involuntary settings (Foster Homes and Homeless Shelters). We make their DREAMS come true giving these enthused young girls the exposure and opportunity to be inspired and network with successful women leaders and game changers – LIKE YOU!
  • Our #WED2019 Summit at the United Nations recognizes some of the most accomplished people of our time, and this year on November 15th confirmed includes: Entrepreneur Extraordinaire Tosca Musk (Founder PassionFlix (Elon Musk’s sister!),  Missy Elliott (Grammy Award Winning Musical Artist), H.E. Pennelope Beckles ( Executive Board  Chair UN Women & United Nations Ambassador Trinidad and Tobago), Real Estate Scion Francine LeFrak (Founder Same Sky- a company teaching survivors from Rwandan genocide how to jewelry to be economically empowered), Hannah Stocking (Global Entertainer 25 Million Followers), Deborah Gibbins (COO/CFO Mary Kay Inc., Board Member Bush Brothers & Company), Larry O’Connor (Founder/CEO OWC), Leah Busque Solivan (Founder Task Rabbit (recently sold to IKEA!) & Partner Fuel Capital), Falon Roz Fatemi, the youngest Google hire ever and who raised $18 Million (from people including Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban) for her new start up, Mara Gordon (Founder Aunt Zelda,  Zelda Therapeutics & NETFLIX Star WEED THE PEOPLE), Patty Baker (Philanthropist, Broadway Producer, Founder Baker Scholars, Board Member Hunter College Foundation (Baker Theater Building), New York Public Theater, Baker Art Museum/Naples & Milwaukee Repertory Theater), Stephanie Newby (Founder Golden Seeds), Ben Davey (CEO Barclays Ventures), Satya Tripathi (Asst Secretary General UNEP/United Nations Environment Program), Wonder Woman of Finance Lauren Young (Wealth Editor Reuters), Sarah Watson (ChairWoman, Global and Chief Strategy Officer Bartle Bogle Hegarty NY (Publicis Agency), Loreen Arbus (Founder Arbus Productions, Arbus Goldensohn Foundation), Mitzi Perdue (President American AgriWomen, daughter of Sheraton Hotels Co-Founder Ernest Henderson and wife to the late Chicken Icon Frank Perdue), and Julia Jackson (Kendall Jackson Family WinesProprietor) stays grounded with her Grounded Foundation, a scalable climate change updater and many more to be announced!  Many of the honorees have sponsored tables for their families, friends and colleagues!

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