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IFC Center’s Craft Ed. Seminars, Making Music Videos 101, Oct. 19th

Dear Students of The New School,


You are entitled to FREE TICKETS as part of the IFC Center‘s Craft Ed. Seminars series, an educational program that teaches you about the craft and business of storytelling.


Their session on Making Music Videos 101 is taking place on Sat Oct 19. As part of the session you’ll hear from musicians and music video production experts sharing tips, tricks, and examples on all thing Music Videos.
Among the day’s participants are Bucky Illingworth (director/editor); Geoff Lerer (writer/director); Jillian Iscaro (director/editor); Evan Cutler Wattles (director/editor); Melanie Abramov (Brooklyn Film Festival); Manolo Celi (director/producer); Kelly Broad (producer); Cameron Busby (director); Adria Petty (art director/editor); Mike Swift (writer/director/producer); Jesse Jacobsen (Mick Management); Crystal Arnette (producer/director/musician); Ryan Gibeau (owner of ROCK*iT FiLMS/musician); Sophia Peer (artist/filmmaker).


If you would like to attend this session just email for a free pass.

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