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Apply for Fall 2020 Impact Entrepreneurship Graduate Fellowship, Deadline 1/30

We are currently recruiting our third cohort of fellows for the fall 2020 Impact Entrepreneurship Graduate Fellowship. Core to the fellowship is integrating a mindset of entrepreneurship for impact with a fellow’s chosen field of study to meet the challenges of the future.

The two-year cohort experience for high potential leaders from underrepresented backgrounds includes $10,000 ($5,000 per year) in tuition assistance, in addition to any scholarships your program may offer (not to exceed the cost of tuition). The fellowship program offers opportunities both curricular (Fellowship Cohort Course and optional Impact Entrepreneurship graduate minor and Venture Lab, among other courses) and co-curricular (workshops, networking, coaching, and advising) to fellows in the 14 participating graduate programs.

To support your efforts to attract talented students and your commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion, please share this opportunity with prospective students. The priority application deadline for fall entry to the 2020 Impact Entrepreneurship Graduate Fellowship is January 30, 2020.

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