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Videographer needed for Wellness Project

Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness is offering a semester long project for film students at New School beginning in January 2020. The goal is to get an 8 week cardiac wellness program into an online digital format to increase  audience outreach.

A word from the organiser:

“I decided to move to prevention and wellness, as opposed to sick care.  People were coming back for their second heart attacks because of a lack of education. There is a tremendous need for education to prevent cardiac disease.  Cardiac disease is the number one cause of death in the USA, over all cancers COMBINED, and it is 80% preventable!   This year, the Center for Disease Control reports almost 800,000 people will die from cardiac disease. That is 40 Madison Square Garden’s worth of people.  It is 80% preventable, so 32 of those Madison Square Gardens of people did not need to die!  In today’s culture of medicine, doctors and nurses do not have time to work with a patient, to educate and coach them, nor are they trained in holistic modalities that complement traditional Western medicine, like I am. In my Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness program, I interject humor and take medical terms to relatable terms and concepts, moving the conversation from clinical to casual.”

This position is unpaid.

Interested students are encouraged to contact Mary Yuter:

Telephone: 917-621-5706
Instagram: @hearttosoulcw

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