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Spring 2020 Brown Bag Series

The School of Media Studies presents the “Brown Bag Series,” a new series organized for students to have an opportunity each month to learn more about a specific topic(s) from faculty over lunch. Guest faculty members will facilitate a conversation related to their research/background and students will have the opportunity to ask questions and converse in an informal setting. 

This is a wonderful opportunity for students to network and connect more with possible career paths related to their studies. 

Please be sure to bring your own lunch/snack/coffee/etc and join the conversation! 

Critical Digital Studies  with guest speaker Josh Scannell 
Thursday, February 6th (1:00-2:00PM), 66 West 12th Street, 5th Floor, Room 510

Digital technology might once have been thought of as a liberating force, that satisfied information’s desire to be free, brought the world together in a global superhighway, and made the world a better place by democratizing communities and communication. Now it’s at the forefront of conversations about inequality, as the technologies coming out of California increasingly seem to amplify and entrench America’s worst qualities. How did we get from point A to point B? In this Brown Bag, Josh Scannell will discuss how to think about digital media from a perspective that is grounded in actually existing, rather than utopian social dynamics, and why tools and technologies are never “neutral.” 

Josh Scannell is an Assistant Professor of Digital Media Theory. He is interested in understanding how changing digital technologies transform the relationship between the body and its environment, and how these transformations are harnessed to racial and sexual techniques of organizing populations for political and economic exploitation.
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Managing Artists with guest speaker Neyda Martinez
Thursday, March 5th (1:00-2:00PM), 6 East 16th Street, 11th Floor, Room 1103
Neyda Martinez is an Associate Professor of Professional Practice in Media Management. She is a producer and independent strategic communications and cultural consultant with over 20 years experience.
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Media Brand Licensing with guest speaker Linda Saint Marc
Thursday, April 16th (1:00-2:00PM),  55 W. 13th Street, Rm. 203 (Hirshon Dining Suite)
Linda Saint Marc is an Associate Professor of Professional Practice. She is recognized for expanding businesses with innovative extensions by leveraging existing and creating new assets with licensing programs for content, products, services, events, and e-commerce.
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