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Screening of The Assistant

Cinereach is offering New School students free tickets to a movie called, The Assistant, which will be screened at Angelika Film Center on Feb 2.  

Based on nearly a 100 of interviews from former assistants of top executives at Miramax, The Weinstein Company, Time Warner Company as well as other industries, THE ASSISTANT is a searing account of how those closest to power are the most vulnerable and abused. Starring Julia Garner of Netflix’s Ozark (2019 Emmy winner) and The Americans, the film portrays a recent college graduate “Jane” as an assistant to a powerful – and feared – film executive. She viscerally feels the insidious abuse that threatens every aspect of her position and those around her. Meticulously researched, the film is written and directed by Kitty Green, director of the documentaries Casting JonBenet and Ukraine Is Not a Brothel. 
Trailer here.  
If interested, please rsvp by January 28th using this link:
Here is the link:

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