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Student Co-Producer Needed

The Cinema Project Workshop are looking for students to come co-produce one of their short films this year.
The Cinema Project Workshop is an interdisciplinary short film production workshop involving students from Media Studies, School of Drama, Mannes, Jazz, Parsons and Lang. Media Studies, Parsons and Lang students join the workshop to collaborate as Producers, Cinematographers, Editors, 1st Assistant Directors, Sound Designers, Composers, Art Directors and production crew. The short films are written by MFA Drama Playwrights, directed by MFA Drama Directors and feature performances by MFA Drama Actors. The Cinema Project Workshop produces 3 to 5 narrative short films (8-10 minutes) every Spring semester. Students interested in producing, cinematography, editing, art direction, production design and working on film projects may apply to join the workshop. More information is available on the course website, including an archive of past short films produced in the workshop –
Apply now via the course website –

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