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B&H EDU Advantage Program – Student & Educator Discounts

B&H EDU Advantage Program – Student & Educator Discounts

Wondering how to get a student discount on the latest electronics? Look no further. Whether you’re a student enrolled in college, art school or another accredited learning institution, the B&H Photo EDU Advantage program offers discounts on all the educational equipment you need. From computers and laptops—Apple, PC or custom—to DSLR cameras and videography gear, design aids like Wacom pen tablets and more, B&H carries the technology that can help you achieve your academic dreams.

Enjoy student discounts on over 11 football fields’ worth of amazing must-have technology, in-stock and ready to ship. Free shipping on most orders and expert help from B&H professionals trained to know your gear.

We also offer discounts to educators and teachers. B&H puts a world of technology at your fingertips. Join B&H Advantage now, to save on essentials you’ll use every day. Sign up today at!

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