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Two Video Artists Needed to Create Visual Companion Pieces to Music

Elsa Nilsson is looking for two video artists to create visual companion pieces to music written based on rhythms of crowds chanting “Black Lives Matter” and “Enough is Enough.” Elsa’s mission with this music is both to express my feelings around the issues I care deeply about, show solidarity with everyone who is directly affected and gratitude for everyone who is showing up to make a difference in any way they can. Elsa’s idea is to have a video by a different artist for each song, specifically someone who is engaged in the issue that the song expresses. Elsa wants to give full freedom to create a visual expression around and in conversation with the music. The only request is that the only sound is the track that is being giving. Budget is $300 per video, videos will be released in mid March.
Interested students should reach out to Elsa Nilsson at

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