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Job Opportunity: Coordinating Producer

Coordinating Producer – Job Description 

The Coordinating Producer is a key member of the programming & production department. The position requires a unique combination of technical, administrative, programming and production skills towards curating and producing the annual POV series and the features around it. The successful candidate will be a hands-on self-starter and participative leader with the ability to prioritize and see the big picture in a fast-paced, dynamic environment. This team-player is responsible for tracking projects, liaising with filmmakers and industry professionals, managing deliverables, helping prep documentaries for broadcast, and producing POV’s signature filmmaker interviews. Editing experience is preferred (i.e. Premiere, FCP). The Coordinating Producer assists with the administration and implementation of additional AmDoc projects as required. This position reports to the EP/VP of Programming and Production, liaises across departments, and manages the associate producer, media coordinator, and department interns. 

Specific responsibilities include: 

PROGRAMMING – Coordinating Producer contributes to the curation and curatorial voice of POV. 

  • Filmmaker liaison 

o Point of contact (in addition to the Executive team and the Co-Producer) for sales 

agents, distributors & filmmakers who have works-in-progress, completed films, questions about POV. Communicate AmDoc’s mission & direct inquiries to the appropriate department. Build relationships with filmmakers. 

  • Screen & evaluate POV submissions 

o Screen and review over 100 films annually for POV’s consideration o Contribute to the curation of the series with the Executive team o Coordinate & review works in progress for potential POV co-productions; coordinate communication with filmmakers and track project progress 

  • Produce and moderate annual Editorial Committee meetings, including logistics, schedule & materials 

PRODUCTION – Coordinating Producer has a macro perspective on all production elements of POV features, from deliverables, to PBS delivery, to social media assets and original content production. 

  • Manage & track all film deliverables 

o Distribute all programming/production deliverables to POV staff o Update and refine deliverables collection process 

  • Oversee and execute episode credits approval with PBS 

o PBS communication, Orion, PAAs, recut film end credits accordingly 

  • Supervise P&P media coordinator’s work 

o Last eyes on edits of social videos, webmarkers, behind-the-lens teases, etc. o Approve PBS credits work 

  • Supervise media coordinator’s organization of materials & create appropriate file structures on POV servers 
  • Manage or execute cut-downs of POV films 
  • Manage packaging of programs for delivery to PBS 

o Work with VP, associate producer and media coordinator to package and deliver elements to PBS and post-production house, including promos, packaging pods, webmarkers, updating series credits and production of filmmaker interviews. o Enter music cue sheets to RapidCue; triangulate between PBS and filmmakers 

  • Collect ratings reports from PBS (overnight & national) and coordinate analysis with independent contractors 
  • Review/supervise work produced by associate producer including: 

o Trailers, promos, sizzles, lesson plan clips, and corresponding caption files o Media management for POV feature programs; ensure that media coordinator is 

backing up all deliverables 

  • Produce Filmmaker Interviews (Behind the Lens) for all POV programs: 

o Schedule with filmmaker & crew; coordinate travel & accommodation o Write questions & coordinate with Communications & POV Engage to ensure proper framing of the films and that interviews align with department goals o Conduct pre-interview calls with directors o Coordinate day-of crew, set-up and breakdown, meals for crew & talent o Interview filmmakers; empower interns to be an active part of the process o Supervise interns & POV editor to edit social media videos and post to our website 

Work with editors at all stages of the process, providing feedback on the paper cut, rough cut, and fine cut; double check all work & send to VP o Maintain budget of interviews 


  • Manage and oversee the Associate Producer and Media Coordinator 

o Meet regularly and provide support and feedback around performance o Conduct annual review and goal setting session 

  • Recruit and supervise interns, working with the organizational intern program manager 
  • Be present and available for current and former POV filmmakers, answering questions & providing media as necessary 
  • Represent POV & AmDoc at festivals, conferences, forums and markets 

o Coordinate & initiate program-specific events with partner organizations on a case- 

by-case basis o Serve on festival and awards juries 

  • Assist in POV Shorts programming and production as needed 

o Recommend potential partnerships; brainstorm ideas for programs & initiatives; 

suggest shorts for programming 

  • Other duties as assigned 


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