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Current Graduate Student, Lulu Men, Media Management ‘20, worked on the Oscar-winning documentary, American Factory

Current Student, Lulu Men, Media Management ‘20 has both field producer and camera operator credits on the Oscar-winning, feature-length documentary, American Factory (2019). Now streaming on Netflix. 

American Factory, the new film from Academy Award®–nominated directors Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert, documents the revitalization of one long-shuttered factory in Dayton, Ohio, while providing a startling glimpse into the economic overhaul happening in towns and cities across the country — and the world.” At the 2020 Academy Awards, the film won Best Feature Documentary. 


When asked about advice Lulu would give to prospective students who want to work on big-scale projects, she said:Small projects turn into big-scale projects. Always pick projects you believe in, do it for the love of the craft of storytelling. Work with good people and have good connections. Just be nice and work hard.”

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