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SMS Alumna Short Documentary Film, OUR OWN HOUSE

SMS Alumna Vanessa Bergonzoli has shared a temporary link to a documentary film she has worked on alongside a Brooklyn based crew. 

“As a New School alumna (MA Media Studies), I am excited to share with you, for a limited time only, the link to OUR OWN HOUSE,  the short documentary film I’ve been producing with a stellar crew based in Brooklyn, NY and a wonderful cast of participants in Punta Gorda- Belize, for the last five years. I co-directed the film with New School alumnus Jeremy Kaplan (MA Media Studies) and our friend Tyler Robinson (NYU).
As the film festivals go on hiatus due to the current pandemic, and filmmakers across the globe and Festival programes figure out ways to make our films available to audiences, DCEFF
(The Environmental Film Festival at the Nation’s Capital), which was supposed to take place last week and premier our film, was cancelled, and is instead previewing a selection of really good films online until March 31st.
***scroll down to OUR OWN HOUSE*** to view**
TRT: 22 minutes
The effects of this pandemic are serious with many in our cities and communities struggling in ways that are unprecedented and devastating. Documentary films and filmmakers by trade focus often on diffIcult realities, to bring awareness and at times to encourage change. I hope this link to OUR OWN HOUSE and other films will bring you a little closer to people and places in these times of social distancing.”

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