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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Unprecedented Media

Unprecedented times call for Unprecedented Media. The School of Media Studies is collecting student work made during and in response to the pandemic. Submissions are ongoing, but if you would like your work featured in the launch, please submit a link of your digital works (Vimeo preferred for film/video work) by May 20th, 2020, to <>. Please, include the following information:
1.- Name of the project:
2.- Name of the producer/team:
3.- Type of project (Documentary, interactive documentary, film, etc.):
4.- Logline (Please, no more than one line):
5.- Synopsis (Please, no more than one small paragraph):
6.- 3 pictures/stills of the project:
7.- Was this project part of a course? Indicate name, period, and year:
8.- Social media account of the producer (Not required):
9.- Please make sure your video is public (no password) and for digital media, that your site is running.

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