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#VirtualVibez: A Digital Film & Music Festival, 5/30

#VirtualVibez is a digital film and music festival. Specifically, #VirtualVibez is a digital social gathering which showcases and celebrates music as well as short films by enterprising artists entangled with intriguing discourse led by keynote speakers. Our tagline is our goal. We aim to connect apart by the celebrating of art. This family friendly festival actively targets emerging artists who have been negatively affected by the COVID19 pandemic – especially TNS students and alum.
This production is sponsored by a non-profit founded by a TNS alum, produced by TNS students and alumni, and features artist within the TNS network. Reservations to attend #VirtualVibez can be made at:
Co-creators:  Lynette Elouise & Jad-Evangelo Nasser
Executive Producers: Lynette Elouise, Jad-Evangelo Nasser, Jonathan Souza
Associate Producer: Chantel King
Production Assistant: Shivantul Singh Chandel
Student Outreach: Rachel Lee

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