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Gabriel Torres’ (BPATS BS-LIberal Studies ’20, Incoming Media Studies Student) “Distant Bodies” Premieres June 27th

“Distant Bodies” is a double season project inspired by the concept of an exquisite corpse. Through an open call, Gabriel G Torres, The Tank NYC, and The LBGT Community Center curated a list of artists to create collective poems and generate individual content from those poems. 73 artists were involved. The content was then given to four filmmakers to create episodes incorporating the art generated through the open call. The final result is a double season web series, with a total of 12 5-10 minutes episodes.
 by Joe Klaus
The first season of “Distant Bodies” will be screened during The LGBT Community Center’s Open House on Saturday June 27 from 2:55pm-3:30pm. More details about attending the Open House can be found here


Intimacy During Isolation

Season One
Premiere Event

2:55 PM
June 27
The LGBT Center

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