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How to Stay Social in Your Fall Semester with the COVID-19 Pandemic

This post is part of the SMS Advising Series for New Students. All posts are designed and curated to make the lives of newly admitted students much easier. From academic resources to having a social life in NYC, we want to make sure that our students get the best of ALL worlds!

How to Stay Social in Your Fall Semester with the COVID-19 Pandemic

Although we do not know exactly where we will be with the Fall semester, the reality is that most of us will be spending the semester online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the School of Media Studies has worked hard to bring the social element of the graduate school experience online. It is during this moment, when many of us are isolated and uncertain about the future, that connecting and spending time with friends is incredibly important. 

Clubs and Organizations: Narwhal Nation is the hub for news about your social world at the New School, through them you can find a list of clubs and organizations currently active on campus. These include the Filmmakers’ Collective, MEDIA x WOMEN, The New School Game Club, and the Theater Collective to name just a few. These are only a small selection of the many interest, religious, academic, or professional focused groups which The New School supports. If you don’t see a group which speaks to you, talk to your advisors about taking steps to start your own. 

Narwhal Nation Events: Narwhal Nation not only keeps info on clubs and organizations, but also puts on events themselves and has worked to transfer many of these online, allowing anyone in the New School community to join in from around the globe, and while safely social distancing. These include movie night, Zoom workout classes, and trivia challenges. Keep in the loop about what is coming up through the Narwhal Nation website.

New School and School of Media Studies Events: At the School of Media Studies we also provide a host of events and public programming throughout the semester. These we have adapted to the reality of Covid-19 by bringing online. Events include our alumni and industry panels and our popular Skill Share gatherings. We also have events planned for Fall 2020 that center the importance of giving students in the program a space to meet and connect in a social setting, such as through virtual happy hours. 

Connect with Other Students: Don’t be afraid to reach out to classmates through email or Canvas about meeting up using the many apps which have become popular throughout the quarantine. Long distance movie nights through Netflix Party, face-to-face social networking like Houseparty, or the popular Jackbox Party Box are go-to options which have kept people connected through these past months. 

If you have any ideas or suggestions for events you would like to see in Fall 2020, reach out to the program through

Written and Curated by: Daniel Pemberton

Daniel Pemberton is an MA Media Studies student at The New School. He has worked in copywriting, videography, music journalism, and even directed a few short films. His main passion is in research, working at the intersection of digital media, film studies, visual culture, and critical theory. His work has been recognized at numerous conferences across the United States and around the world. He is currently the Graduate Student Advisor with the School of Media Studies.

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