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Apply for the BlackStar Pitch: July 12th Deadline

In 2020, the BlackStar Film Festival will host the second annual BlackStar Pitch. Filmmakers will pitch their projects in front of a virtual audience and a panel of judges to receive feedback and have an opportunity to win a $25K co-production deal with WORLD Channel. An honorable mention pitch will receive a $2,500 cash prize from IF/Then.

This year’s BlackStar Pitch will be focused on documentary short projects.

BlackStar Pitch will showcase a group of 8 filmmakers, who will be selected based on their applications due July 12. The filmmakers will pitch their works-in-progress to a distinguished panel of funders, executives, distributors and producers. The 8 finalists will also have a chance to meet with a minimum of 2 panelists in one-on-one sessions prior to the Pitch contest to get direct feedback and advice on their projects.

The panelists will choose the best pitch, to be announced during the awards ceremony on August 26.

Each pitch will last 7 minutes (including video reel) followed by 10 minutes of constructive feedback. The pitch is designed to connect industry professionals with new voices in the independent film community.


Chris Hastings, WORLD Channel

Chloe Walters-Wallace, Firelight Media

Opal Bennett, POV Shorts

Chi-hui Yang, JustFilms/Ford Foundation

Chloe Gbai, IF/Then

Alex Hannibal, CNN

Jamila Farwell, Netflix


Click here for more information and to apply.

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