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Dona Varghese, MS Media Management ’19, Launches DV Media Co.

Dona Varghese, MS Media Management ’19, recently launched the brand DV Media Co. that crafts media solutions for businesses in sustainability and social enterprises. In a recent article, they share the ‘Milestones that Shaped DV Media Co’s Work Philosophy
More about DV Media Co.
When people are intent on finding purpose and meaning, they might not always find it — but more often than not, they do find each other. In the middle of a raging pandemic, a media entrepreneur was able to connect remotely with a writer and designer to help throw into relief a dream that had been simmering for years: a collaborative network. 

It is only apt that DV Media Co. was born in a time of extreme uncertainty — for it addressed the need of the hour: to work towards building a more sustainable future, with a focus on transforming media along the way.

A paradigm shift — ‘a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions’ — comes along perhaps once in a generation. The Covid-19 pandemic no doubt marks one for us; around the world, governments, populations and economies are grappling with its debilitating repercussions. There has also been an awe-inspiring realignment of values, priorities and systems across industries — a moment to pause and consider what kind of world we want to work towards and build for future generations.

DV Media Co. was born to address exactly this predicament. 

Born in 2020, it is a collaborative network that aligns professionals from across the globe and crafts media solutions for businesses focused on sustainability and making a social impact.

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