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CODAsummit Offers Student Scholarship and Stipend

CODAsummit Virtual

The Intersection of Art, Technology and Place

Sept. 30 — Oct. 2, 2020

CODAsummit Virtual is the only conference focused on the exciting ways creative professionals are incorporating technology to create artwork installations that are changing the ways we experience our environments.

We invite you to join us online in early October, where the art + technology community come together to network, share information and resources, and redefine the creative field in the process.

CODAsummit Virtual will feature world-class speakers, content, networking opportunities – all in a completely virtual, immersive experience. This gathering brings together creative professionals from all over the world to meet, connect, and learn from one another.

CODAsummit Virtual will continue the tradition of past events – by creating a shared moment in time, allowing everyone to feel part of something bigger. And let’s face it, at this moment in time, we really need to feel part of something bigger.

Our theme is creative revolution; presentations will provide us with the vision, strategy, and effective practices to bring about change. Content includes both theoretical and practical information, drawing from internationally-known artists, technologists, and thought-leaders in the art and design worlds.

We have gathered together a diverse group of creative revolutionaries who are taking a stand through their artwork and the spaces they transform. If that definition describes you, please join us.

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