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The Center for Humanities Presents — Language as Polis: Madeleine Cohen, LaTasha Diggs & Mary Ann Newman

Tue, Aug 25th, 1:30 PM (EDT) | This event will take place online via HowlRound. Register here to access the link to livestream.

Join us for Week 16 of Translating the Future as we continue our series of conversations between translators with Language as Polis,” with Madeleine Cohen, LaTasha Diggs & Mary Ann Newmanand moderated by Tess Lewis.

Languages are often identified with the countries where they are spoken, but what of so-called “stateless languages”? How do speakers and students of such languages define themselves, engage with history, and examine the linguistic and cultural continuity embedded in them? What is the place and role of non-native speakers in these language communities? What does translation mean for them? How do these languages alter or enrich the languages and literatures that absorb them? Join us for a conversation that explores Yiddish, Frisian, Catalan, and beyond.

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