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Announcing Conduits of Truth and Fantasy: The Art of the Interview – Now Open for Registration


The raconteur’s essential device lives in sacred space where extraction, interrogation and vulnerability can give way to shared revelations. An interview has the fluidity to morph and surpass our practical understanding of the recorded exchange. How one answers a question through body language, a sigh or the silence of a moment can draw an audience in deeper than the intended query. Thinking beyond the “talking head”, what the maker chooses to show or not show in the moment of the interview holds power. As artist Beatriz Santiago Muñoz stated, “The face is a gift that we give away too freely.” How does one embark on the daunting task of upending the previously pathed formal paths of the aesthetics of the interview? What can disrupting the age-old discipline of the interview provide a filmic or auditory practice? How can challenging the interview form aid us in challenging the power dynamics at play in the space of the interview? How do we unlock the aesthetic promise of the interview to share visual and sonic insights about or beyond the world of the participant?

Conduits of Truth and Fantasy: The Art of The Interview will look critically at the all too often minimized and overlooked craft, probing power dynamics, approaches and productions of the interview. Led by filmmaker Sarah Ema Friedland [ @sarah.friedland ] (Here After, Lyd in Exile) the online workshop features guest instructors Nyssa Chow [ @nyssachow ] (Hunger Strike and Story of Her Skin) focusing on the intimate practise of oral history to make stunning installation and multi-media work. Nicole Kelly [@soft.disaster ] and Phoebe Unter [ @dykchiatrist_phd ] (Bitchface and The Heart) will delve into how the interview can be used to challenge form in an audio landscape. Filmmaker Zeshawn Ali’s [ @zashawnali ] new film Two Gods (Full Frame, Blackstar and Hot Docs) will serve as a case study for his methods in engaging interview participants in respectful and revealing ways. Journalist and filmmaker Rami Younis will present his forthcoming sci-fi documentary co-directed with Sarah Ema Friedland, Lyd in Exile and the use of interviews as the basis for creating an alternate reality. Filmmaker Catalina Jordan Alvarez will share her process of combining narrative performance to play with the conventions of the interview.

Through seminars, hands on practise, and work-in-progress critiques, participants will each, in their own way, push the boundaries of the interview, and learn how to put this new knowledge into practice. Open to filmmakers, audio creators, journalists, scholars and anyone who’d like to delve into expansive ways of capturing compelling interviews. Current projects are not required to attend, but encouraged. Registration is now open and space is limited. Sign up today!

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