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Join Global South Center for Dora Silva Santana’s Lecture “Iconica! Black Trans Women Rearrange Symbols of Freedom”, 10/8

Please join GSC for Dora Silva Santana’s lecture next Thursday, “Iconica!: Black Trans Women Rearrange Symbols of Freedom.” Dr. Dora Santana is a Black Brazilian trans woman warrior, scholar, activist, artist, and storyteller of experiences embodied in language and flesh. She is an Assistant Professor of Gender Studies at John Jay College — CUNY. Her work has been published in the Transgender Studies Quarterly, The Issue of Blackness, under the title, “Transitionings and Returnings: Experiments with the Poetics of Transatlantic Water,” and in the issue of Trans in Las Americas under the title, “Mais Viva!: Reassembling Transness, Blackness and Feminism.” She has been an artist-in-residence for allgo, a queer people of color organization in Austin, TX, in 2017 (with a solo performance titled, “Minha Filha!: A Black Trans Daughterhood”) and in 2018 with her watercolor paintings exhibit titled, “Trans* Stellar Visions.”) She has also written for Feminist WireDaily Texas, and Blogueiras Negras.

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