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SMS Faculty Member Neyda Martinez Serving As Moderator For the Unifying to Achieve Racial and Cultural Justice Initiatives Panel

SMS Faculty Neyda Martinez is serving as a moderator on October 13 for the Unifying to Achieve Racial and Cultural Justice Initiatives panel.

Conversations On Culture: Race, Myth, Art = Justice 
About this Event

After the overwhelmingly positive response around our Achieving Cultural Equity Survey, we embark on another necessary and critical step. A conversation series happening in October and November of 2020, that we have called CONVERSATIONS ON CULTURE: RACE, ART, MYTH = JUSTICE

Our multidisciplinary model has long been racially marginalized, systemically misunderstood, and critically underfunded. Our work adheres to aesthetic valuing, honoring perspectives and histories of the many cultural groups that have built this nation, not to the mythology of one dominant racial group imposing a colonizing aesthetic.

These conversations explore the ways in which we continue to secure a future with global and national allies. We must examine and determine how unjust laws can be changed, ensuring that we institute actual legal protections as we thrive, not just survive. We must establish the basis for just frameworks – new philanthropic models that shore up funding for our community based cultural organizations, as informed by our knowledge, our work, and shaped by our mission and voices.

The CONVERSATIONS are designed to address the systemic injustices that continue to oppress and limit the possibilities of the majority of the nation’s Black, Afro Latin, Latinx, Native, Asian, LGBTQIA+/Two Spirit, People with Disabilities, and economically poor White communities. Our commitment and actions will continue to create the society promised by the Constitution of the United States built on the humanistic democracy principles of the Iroquois Nation.

We will be honored and humbled by your virtual presence and participation.


Dr. Marta Moreno Vega, President, and Founder, Creative Justice Initiative

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