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Job Searching During COVID-19: Online Workshop

Landing a job during a pandemic? We’ve helped students do it.

About this Event

Join Flatiron School Career Coach Ellen Chang as she shares insights and learnings from Flatiron School’s career coaching team, having partnered with our graduates over the past few months in their job searches.

You’ll learn best practices and tips for job searching in the current hiring environment, plus you’ll discover how Flatiron School grads have landed jobs over the past few months, partnering and utilizing our career coaches’ advice.

Navigate next steps in your own job search or career change journey with the advice we’ll share during this presentation.

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Ellen Chang has been a life and career coach for the past six years.

She first started out volunteering at NYU’s Wasserman Center for Career Development before beginning her own practice, which involved coaching young professionals as well as partnering with nonprofits such as Wheeling Forward, coaching people with disabilities recovering from spinal cord injuries. Shortly after, Ellen began her certification in ThetaHealing®, working with the subconscious to unblock limiting beliefs, helping her clients advance to a whole new level.

Ellen published her first e-book, I’m Done Asking for Permission in November 2018. She enjoys being a part of the Flatiron School team, helping students combine their pre-existing skills to their new passion in Software Engineering , Data Science, and Cybersecurity.

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