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Imagine Science Film Festival, October 16-23

ONLINE | Imagine Science Film Festival

The Imagine Science Film Festival, now in its 13th year, is an experimental interdisciplinary sci-art festival seeking to open new dialogues between scientists, filmmakers, and artists. The festival kicks off on the evening of October 16 with an ambitious schedule including 28 programs with over 80 films, with 30 countries represented over the course of 8 days. Over the week of October 16 – 23, the festival broadens its selection of feature films and explores new ways of putting science in the spotlight, including provocative documentaries that explore the intersection of science and society, compelling scientific fictions, mesmerizing scientific imagery, and engaging film experiments.

The theme of the 13th Imagine Science Film Festival is MIGRATION.  The flight of the arctic tern, the multi-generational travels of the monarch butterfly, the return of eels to the streams they hatched in. The arduous journeys of displaced peoples. Data systems in flux. The complex movements of cells, from embryonic origins to developed organisms. This year the festival  seeks MIGRATIONS of all kinds. Though this subject is the special focus of this year’s festival, we’ll be featuring films, installations and online works of any and all other genres, methodologies, and subjects, as always that push the boundaries of the science narrative – embracing the movement of the Science New Wave,  which celebrates cinematic work that encourages bold, hybrid new forms of scientific storytelling.

The festival is FREE and will be hosted on the film database Labocine. We encourage you to RSVP.

RSVP for each program gives you access to Film & Conversations that appear as different windows. These RSVPs are specific to each program but they do not guarantee entrance. You need to start the movie within the program start/end time window. If a program is from 7-10pm, you can access the film starting at 7pm but will not be able to start the movie after 10pm. Most programs are limited to 500 attendees.


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