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Magical Realism: Subverting The Ordinary, UnionDoc Workshop

How do you collapse the magical, the fantastic, and the real world? From November 13–21, join UnionDocs for their ever-popular workshop MAGICAL REALISM: SUBVERTING THE ORDINARY.

This four-day workshop led by filmmaker Elan Bogarín, will explore the term magical realism made famous by the likes of Latin American authors Jorge Luis Borges and Italo Calvino. Featuring Emmy-winning composer Troy Herion (The Hottest August, Bulletproof), filmmaker/animator Alexa Lim Haas (Agua Viva, Random Acts of Flyness), director Penny Lane (Hail Satan? and NUTS!), and director Jonathan Bogarín (306 Hollywood). Come examine how media makers incorporate otherworldly elements with otherwise realistic worlds with the goal of making the ordinary extraordinary.

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