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SMS Part-Time Faculty Loren-Paul Caplin Has Written New Book: Writing Compelling Dialogue for Film and TV: The Art & Craft of Raising Your Voice on Screen

SMS Part-time Faculty Loren-Paul Caplin has just written a new book: Writing Compelling Dialogue for Film and TV: The Art & Craft of Raising Your Voice on Screen is a practical guide that provides screenwriters with a clear set of exercises, tools, and methods to raise their ability to hear and discern conversation at a more complex level, in turn allowing them to create better, more complex, and compelling dialogue. The book is now available on Amazon.
According to Caplin, the process of understanding dialogue writing begins with increasing writers’ awareness of what they hear. This book provides writers with an assortment of dialogue and language tools, techniques, and exercises and teaches them how to perceive and understand the function, intent and thematic/psychological elements that dialogue can convey about character, tone, and story. Text, subtext, voice, conflict, exposition, rhythm and style are among the many aspects covered.
This book reminds us of the sheer joy of great dialogue and will change and enhance the way writers hear, listen to, and write dialogue, and along the way aid the writers’ confidence in their own voice allowing them to become more proficient writers of dialogue. It is an invaluable writing tool for any aspiring screenwriter who wants to improve their ability to write dialogue for film and television, as well as students, professionals, and educators.

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