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Media Coordinator, Indigenous Environmental Network

IEN Media Coordinator Application

Position Description
The Media Coordinator (MC) will create and edit visual and audio content to consistently articulate Indigenous Environmental Network’s message, programs, and campaigns; this includes but is not limited to shareable graphics, photos, videos, podcasts, and other associated media. The MC will ensure that IEN is viewed as a source, disseminator, and conduit of accountable information within the climate justice and Indigenous Rights movements. They will work closely with the IEN staff on a variety of strategic initiatives and campaigns. And they will work with IEN base member groups as a communications partner to further their campaigns and strategic messages.

This position will work in tandem with the IEN Communications Coordinator and will be supervised by the Keep it in the Ground Campaigner and an IEN Leadership Team Member, unless specified by the IEN Leadership Team.

Major Requirements
The Media Coordinator position will require the ability for frequent travel. (Dependent on the circumstances and risks associated with the Coronavirus) It will require personal knowledge and experience regarding working with and in Indigenous communities. You will be required to attend a 2-3 day virtual orientation to take place within the first 2 weeks. Must be able to facilitate virtual meetings.

All new employees are subject to a 90-day probationary period, whereupon completion of an evaluation will be conducted. Full employment status officially begins upon completion of this probationary period and full benefits will be set up at that time as well.

MC Duties and Responsibilities
+Develop content for social media, websites, newsletters, and any other relevant distribution channels.
+Supervise content development for IEN’s radio and podcast programs.
+Support Communications Coordinator in the production of high-quality, informative, and interesting press releases, press kits, and related materials
+Ensure all messaging/content aligns with key organization strategies
+Brainstorm and collaborate with IEN staff and base members for new ideas and strategies
+Support comms coordinator in developing media activity reports
+Plan, create and oversee the design, content, and production of promotional and educational materials
+Support the development of strategies for current and existing IEN campaigns and programs

MC Position Qualifications
+Preference will be given to applicants with at least 5 years of experience working with and living in Indigenous community
+Preference will be given to applicants with strong graphic design experience
+Applicants must have a detailed history using multimedia editing platforms, i.e. (Video, graphic design and photo)
+Excellent written and verbal communication skills
+Strong copywriting and content creation skills
+Ability to multitask and monitor several projects on a daily basis
+Ability to work well under pressure and manage time effectively
+Ability to take initiative to develop new strategies and outside-the-box ideas for social media
+Ability to work independently or in a team
+Ability to travel via airplane, bus, train, vehicle and other modes of transportation
+Must have access to internet and phone services

A minimum annual salary of $55,000 with benefits.

Organization Description:
IEN is an alliance of Indigenous Peoples whose shared mission is to protect the sacredness of earth mother from contamination & exploitation by respecting and adhering to Indigenous knowledge and natural law.

Please use the below form to apply for this position.

If you have any additional questions for us, email INFO@IENEARTH.ORG

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