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Visualize NYC 2021


The next 12 months may be some of the most momentous in New York City’s history, with a confluence of events—including the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and an election with the potential to reshape the political landscape—creating major opportunities for change.

The November 2021 election will lead to an unprecedented amount of turnover in city government: In addition to the mayor, 40 elected officials will reach term limits, including four borough presidents and up to 35 City Council members. The number of open positions creates a singular opportunity for change in the five boroughs, and the incoming civic leaders will have the potential to remake the political landscape.

In response to this unique moment, AIA New York has partnered with MIT’s Civic Data Design Lab to undertake a digital exhibition titled Visualize NYC 2021. The project will explore issues in our city that we believe will be central in the 2021 local elections.

This web-based project will be launched in two phases. The first, launching October 7, 2020, is an interactive website that creates visualizations based on responses to prompts about the future of the city. The second phase featuring additional visualizations by the Civic Data Design Lab will launch on November 16, 2020.

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