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Job Opportunity: Digital Content Student Producer, The New School’s Marketing and Communication

Digital Content – Student Producer


The New School’s Marketing and Communication (M&C) seeks a creative student to assist the Digital Content department. At Digital Content, we are responsible for coordinating, managing, and producing video and photography assets to promote the entire university. The student assistant will work under the supervision of the Digital Content Associate Director in the primary functions of organization, editing, and distribution of digital assets (video, photo, and audio), and assist in the management of different media properties.

This is a great opportunity for a well-organized and creative student to work in a professional environment in service to one brand: The New School. You will work independently and collaboratively in connection to every aspect of brand stewardship, from publications to graphic design to online media. M&C places a high value on the talents, knowledge and ideas of our student assistants in a very tangible and meaningful way. The Digital Content Student Producer will have the opportunity to work on creative projects in photo and video while acquiring in-demand real-world skills of digital asset management and production.


Ability to balance school and work assignments.
Flexible and capable multi-tasker.
Organized, precise, and detail oriented.
Communicative, cooperative, curious to learn new things and able to take direction.
A fast learner of creative software and online collaboration workflows.
Proficient working on Macintosh computers.
Confident in Adobe Premiere Pro (Creative Suite: photo image and graphics editing software a plus, e.g. Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and After Effects)
Commit to a typical workload of 20 hours per week during the school year.

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