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Creative Perspectives on Climate Change: DJ Spooky’s Arctic Rhythms Performance and Conversation

“Hey people – may of you know I’ve spent a lot of time in Aspen, Colorado and am deeply involved in a lot of Climate Activist groups and issues. I’d like to invite you to join me on an experiment between downtown NY and Aspen, Colorado.

The idea of the experiment is an intimate online concert based on some of the compositions I’ve done with my expeditions to both Antarctica and the Arctic Circle. I wrote a series of compositions based on data derived from climate scientists like Ross A. Virginia, Director of Arctic Studies Lab at Dartmouth College, and my collaborations with renowned quantum physicist Brian Greene, whose book “The Elegant Universe” was a big inspiration for the project. I’ll be joined by a string ensemble based in Aspen playing my material, while I generate the electronics in NYC and online. It’s a preview of what I will do for Earth Day 2021, and you’re invited. This is a beta version, and the more finalized version will be presented as part of EARTH DAY 2021. It will be in multiple platforms simultaneously and there is an after concert discussion with some great folks – legendary architect Harry Teague, who is one of the most dynamic green architects working in Colorado (if you’ve been to Aspen Ideas Festival, you’ve been in his buildings), Amanda Schochet, Director of MicroMuseums.

It’s all inspired by the book I wrote about Antarctica and the many issues facing how artists can interact with scientists to make a better platform for engaging the climate crisis – The Book of Ice.”

All details for the show are here and in the Facebook link. It’s FREE!!!

IMAGINE CLIMATE: a concert between Aspen and NYC by DJ Spooky
What: Arctic Rhythms: A concert between Aspen and NYC with Aspen Core
View March 2 concert ONLINE

“This is the first round. I hope you can join us for the journey.”
~ Paul

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